Brand New-Fresh out of the lab Social Buttons by Michael Hollingshead! Cartoonish is the new Fancy-ish. Free download below. Use it for your website, blog, or any other personal page! Click Picture to download!


Six Fresh from the labs of Scrap Table Social Buttons ready to be downloaded! These Six Buttons (Facebook, Flickr, RSS, Twitter, WordPress, and YouTube) can be resized to fit just right on your website! The design was thought up by Michael Hollingshead, “The style was supposed to be a kind of messy look to them.” The originals are 300×300, Which is big, so feel free to resize. Each download downloaded separately. Download with the links below!

Download FaceBook Button Download Flickr Button

Download RSS Button Download Twitter Button

Download WordPress Button Download Youtube Button

Social Buttons-Hand drawn by Michael Hollingshead. A fresh new item from the labs of Scrap Table. Four Hand drawn social buttons (Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and Flickr). Download for free. Drag the above pictures to your desired folder to download. Thanks for viewing! -More later.

Hello again! Today I’m going to teach you how to create a new folder using finder in mac. Folders are very useful when organizing Pictures, Programs, or other forms of Media. New Folders usually appear when you download something (usually programs or graphic packs). So without further ado, lets get started with the tutorial!

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This brand new Desktop Wallpaper background is the newest out of the warehouse. This is a great wallpaper for any wine lovers! Download this free background designed by Michael Hollingshead by clicking the ‘download’ button below. You can enlarge the wallpaper to full size by clicking the ‘enlarge’ button below. So be sure to download and enjoy this new piece!

(Download) (Enlarge Photo)

This simple yet effective screen saver is a new screen saver design from the scrap table factory. It is a screen saver that is best for beginners or new timers on a computer. It notifies them That their screen is saved and tells them how to reactivate it. Also coming soon are more color choices to fit the theme of your computer! To download see below. To view larger image click picture. Enjoy!

(Download Black)…….  (Download Blue) …….. (Download Green)

(Download Pink)…….  (Download Purple)…….  (Download White)

Here is a new Desktop Background I am designing. If you can’t tell from the snippet it is supposed to be a cardboard cutout saying, “welcome”. It is designed by Michael Hollingshead January 12, 2010. To Download see below. To enlarge see below.

(Download) (Enlarge)